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Pembina River Nights
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2012 Slideshow
2012 Slideshow
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"Life moves on and we set the pace" That is Suzy Miller's mantra and no truer words have been spoken. For some people life moves on and they sit and watch it roll by. I am trying to keep up with it but sometimes that can be really tough. Three young girls, a job, this festival, and editing/producing The Bone Yard are keeping me quite busy.

Year eight was a success I think everyone had a good time and if you did not that's your own fault. Suzy and I have booked a few bands already and Fred is not going to make it this year. Oh yes the mighty Fred Eaglesmith will not be at the ninth annual PRN. Long story, but we wish Fred all the best and hopefully we can get him back sometime. The longest conversation I ever had with Fred was this year. He is quite insightful. He said "You know how you can tell there is a vegan in the room?" and I said no. He said "Ohh they will tell you." He also asked me, "where is the best place to mic a guitar." I said "I am not sure". He said, "Put your head down there and listen and where ever it sounds the best is where you put the mic."  Ha Ha? Very sound words of advice. Thanks Fred for coming down to the river and sharing your great music with us.

We have to raise the price this year by ten dollars. I thought about charging for the program and wood but that is a pain in the ass and I need to make some money at this. I want to keep the festival small and intimate. Which means less people and less money coming in, so I hope you understand.

I want to thank all the volunteers, musicians and festival goers for their amazing ability to get along and for keeping the festival family friendly. All these material things we have mean nothing without the love and support of our family and friends, because then there would be no one to brag to. I also want to send out a special thanks to Pidherney's for their generous support over the last 7 years.
"I can't believe it's true. The crazy things you do….. Wild rose in your hair, my beautiful, my Alberta girl."
Peace and Love
Peace and Love
Thanks everyone !!!
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Festival FAQ
1. Camping is included in price of ticket.
2. First come first serve camping.
3. Poop and scoop in effect.
4. No Glass Containers.
5. Concession onsite at the time of festival.
6. Cash only, no ATM on site.
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